BARITONE Banjo Ukulele / Banjolele

Baritone Banjo Ukulele, the Artiste Instruments Baritone scale Banjo Uke or Banjolele is played just like a Ukulele. The Baritone Banjo Uke is tuned DGBE like the top 4 strings of a guitar, scale length 19” overall body length 26.5”, comes with Aquila strings, a padded gig bag, Electronic tuner and most Importantly comes with Set Up.

The Baritone scale length allows for the intonation to be very accurately set, and gives an ease of fingering & playing that comes with the wider fret placement.

A truss rod ensures the neck does not experience forward curvature.

Available Early Mid. June

Baritone Banjo Ukulele $395  BUY

The Banjo Uke is a unique instrument. It is a combination of a Banjo and a Ukulele. A lot of Ukulele players wish they could enjoy more volume, the design of the body resembles a banjo, this enables it to deliver more volume and resonance.

The pot is 8” fitted with a Remo Weatherking banjo head

We do not use drum heads, Remo Banjo Heads are trusted by every major banjo manufacturer worldwide due to their quality of construction, sound and performance, and are designed specifically for banjos.

Banjo Uke’s as all banjos require adjusting, this is called the banjo set-up procedure and is not usually done from large, impersonal music stores, & from staff not familiar with banjo issues, costly man-hours are not invested into setting up the banjo, they just ship it out, Artiste Banjo Ukes come set-up

Gig Bag
Top: Remo skin
Back&Side: Mahogany Resonator Cover
Neck: Solid Mahogany
String: Aquila String
Machine Head: Closed Chromed
Nut & Saddle: Ox Bone
Chrome-plated hardparts

Nut Width: 3.5 cm
Diameter of body: 20 cm
Scale length: 48 cm 19 inch
Total Length 68 cm
Frets: 20