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Morgan Monroe Banjos & Mandolins for sale New Zealand, Morgan Monroe ALL SOLID WOOD MANDOLINS NO LAMINATES !., WITH DELUXE HARDSHELL CASES, these are high quality instruments that are manufactured using the finest quality selected  Tonewoods, solid Spruce, solid Maple & solid Mahogony tops backs and sides. Morgan Monroe Banjo

Morgan Monroe's all new $795 MFM-750 Buy Now 


Check Mandolin specs carefully, solid Spruce is the Tonewood of choice for the sound board, if the specifications don't state solid wood back & solid wood sides, then its laminated !, Eg "spruce top" instead of solid spruce = spruce LAMINATE !.  The vast majority of Mandolins on sale in NZ are either part or all laminates, appearances can be deceptive.


The vibration of the wood when the strings are struck is what gives the instrument its “voice,” or tone, glued sheets of wood (laminates) simply can’t have the same vibrational quality as a solid piece of wood.


Morgan Monroe has one simple philosophy; to place high quality instruments into the hands of all players without compromise !.

The Morgan Monroe mindset is to bring original product designs with the finest of quality tonewoods together to create instruments that you will keep for a lifetime

The Morgan Monroe mandolins give the finest quality available for the most demanding of players, How to play the Mandolin . The uncompromising tone and feel of these instruments places them in a class that is second to none. Mandolin chords , Mandolin Tabs.

Included on the Morgan Monroe mandolins are the top-quality Ashton Bailey high mass cast tailpieces giving added sustain, tone & clarity to your instrument, they feature a special one-piece design which eliminates the loose tailpiece cover Bluegrass & Mandolins

Morgan Monroe Mandolins

The Morgan Monroe "Rocky Top" Bluegrass Series mandolins represent the finest quality available for even the most demanding player. The uncompromising tone and feel of these instruments put them in a class that is second to none and explains why many players are putting the "Rocky Top" series mandolins at the top of their "must have" list, you'll see why long after the first note is struck, you won't be able to put these mandolins down.  At Morgan Monroe quality takes top priority! All instruments go through a factory setup and are inspected by quality control personnel to make sure that we are shipping products that look and play excellent right out of the box. We wouldn't put the Morgan Monroe stamp of approval on just any product. All designs go through a development process that is a collection of input and ideas from musicians from all over. Types of wood, color choices, hardware and price are all thoroughly thought through before we introduce a new Morgan Monroe design.

Mandolin tuning video                                    Mandolin action video                                                       


Mandolin bridge setup. Mandolin Bridge setup  & where the bridge goes !. Mandolin bridge placement

Here are few Mandolin links, Mandolin lessons and Mandolin tabs to help you get started.

The mandolin magazine is full of usefull information, .    A very good mandolin tuner  Mandolin Tuner , and a few mandolin lessons  www.freeguitarvideos/mandolin/lessons , here with a few tabs Old time mandolin tabs


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