The Artist 'e Songster Resonator Ukulele

The Artiste Songster Resonator Ukulele sales NZ & AUSTRALIA.  A Wooden Body Concert Resonator Ukulele, includes UKULELE CASE

Resonator Ukulele     Resonator Ukulele       Resonator Ukulele

The Artiste Songster, your Affordable alternative choice to the Beltona or the laminate Gretsch G9112 resonator ukulele.

Resonator Ukulele   

The Songster with its striking Okoume body makes this Reso Uke a true standout from the crowd !. The 6" resonator biscuit cone gives excellent amplification with a clear tone and sustain, with enough volume for any acoustic combo.

Ukulele Case  Buy Now $275


Concert Ukulele

Ukulele Case

Okoume Body

Mahogany Neck

Rosewood Fingerboard

ABS Binding

Bone Nut

Biscuit Cone

Aquila Strings

Silver or Gold Resonator cover plates available

Bridge Biscuit- Rosewood with Maple Saddle

6" Biscuit Resonator Cone

Abalone Headstock Inlay

MOP Position Dots