Artist Beginner Banjos ?

Artist Banjo 's, Beginner Banjos series eg. Ibanez, Fender, Deering etc. are not related to the Artist 'e Instruments Cabaret Banjo, Artiste is a trademark of this website.

The basic or Artist series of beginner Banjos, are not to be confused with the Artiste Instruments Cabaret Banjo.

All Artiste Cabaret Banjos come set up and ready to play !

Advertising of beginner  Banjos usually goes something like the following !

JOKE IMMINENT !, ... "Whether you're a professional musician or an absolute beginner, these banjos will be a great addition to your collection !"  Frown don't think so. 

"With some features you'd expect on a more expensive banjo" Sealed ..... Strings ?

Seriously if you wish to progress, steer clear of this style of beginner banjo, poorly constructed, poor sounding, no setup and little or no resale value. Surprised

"Beginner" banjos come with many brand names, and a base level construction, below is an easy way of recognising them.

A generic construction base level "Beginner" Banjo

What is the difference between an Artist and an Artiste ?

An artist paints, draws, sculpts, makes a film or is skilled with something involving perception with the use of their hands. ... An artiste is a professional entertainer,
especially a musician singer or dancer, eg. a Cabaret Artiste.
Below Is the Artiste Cabaret Banjo !


11+ yrs Banjo Sales with 100% Feedback !

Mahogany construction Full Scale Banjo

Make the best choice don't fillet fish with a blunt knife

Professional components & construction delivers >

Much Desired Playability Intonation & Aesthetics

Intonation = pitch accuracy

Appreciate 170 + T/me sales 100% feedback + Banjos NZ website sales

Enjoy look-handle-play-performs great & gig

Budget Banjos look-handle-play-perform poor & gather dust

Cabaret Banjos Aesthetics-Playability & Intonation will entice you to play it

Set up ready to play


T/ME BUY EXCLUDES Jo strap & Electronic Tuner not shown here

CABARET BANJOS on the net $ worth a view


Traditionally Crafted same plant as Washburn Banjos

No composites Plastic or Aluminium used

Traditionally constructed Banjos SOUND LIKE YOU

Non traditional constructs MAKE YOU SOUND LIKE IT

Non traditional Budget Banjos Composite banjo = Plastic Polymers Aluminium Rim = "Bottlecap" Banjo Generic Tailpiece Guitar Tuners Friction Tuners / Pegs = low tension Nylon/Gut

Set-up = Good Performance-Playability-Intonation-Tunability

No Setup = Poor Performance-Playability-Intonation-Tunability

Setup is NOT DONE BY DROP SHIP MERCHANTS, & not done from impersonal music stores, staff with little product specific knowledge & quite often giving a product ignorant specification

Re-Strung in house Strings = vocal chords = ghs Medium Light Pro Banjo Strings, J.D.Crowe Signature Set 10-11-12-20-10 great string action-easy on the fingers-good tone & tunability

Hard Shell Case Planetary Geared Tuners No Friction Pegs / Guitar Tuners Geared Fifth Gibson style one piece pre war flange Traditional Neck Inlays, High Aesthetics