Banjo Ukuleles NZ  Artiste Tenor gCEA  WITH GIG BAG  supplied with Aquila strings
String with included Aquila strings then you can tune gCEA high-g ! also. Standard installed strings tune DGBE the same as the four lower strings of a guitar.
A truss rod ensures the neck does not experience forward curvature.

Remo Weatherking banjo head

We do not use drum heads, Remo Banjo Heads are trusted by every major banjo manufacturer worldwide due to their quality of construction, sound and performance, and are designed specifically for banjos.

Artiste Tenor Banjo Ukulele Click Here  Tenor Banjo Uke 

Banjo Ukuleles require adjusting , this is called the banjo set-up procedure and is not usually done from large, impersonal music stores, & from staff not familiar with banjo issues, costly man-hours are not invested into setting up the banjo, they just ship it out, Artiste Banjo Ukes come set-up

Top: Remo skin
Back&Side: Mahogany Resonator Cover
Neck: Solid Mahogany
String: Aquila String
Machine Head: Closed Chromed
Nut&Saddle: Ox Bone
Chrome-plated hardparts
Nut Width: 35MM
Diameter of body: 200MM
String Scale: 430MM
Frets: 20

ARTISTE BANJO UKULELE WITH GIG BAG ( The inclusion of a truss rod is a rarity among ukes & banjo ukes )


Compare the GRETSCH BANJO UKULELE , no fingerboard , friction tuners not geared tuners, no all gloss finish, no Gig Bag,  has a rough finish & poor performance according to this review. Frets are usually installed on a  fingerboard, and the fingerboard installed on the neck, the frets on this are installed directly to the neck which is a poor & low spec cost saving excercise, does not include as standard a Gig Bag and the price is $500 !.  A low spec and costly instrument !.


Mr Glynn Luthier