Set Up

Most musical Instrument Dealers Do Not perform The Banjo Setup procedure

Artiste Instruments Set Up Procedure, Setup requires time, experience & cost

Low cost banjo drop ship merchants most certainly do not do this, (no inspection, no pickup = dropship untouched inbox to you !)

Banjos need to be properly setup, tuned and played to make sure the Banjo will play and sound the best as possible for your full enjoyment.

Each Banjo set up includes the following

Unpackaged from original box and inspected for breakage, scratches and other flaws.

The Resonator is then removed from the banjo.

The Neck is checked for straightness and tightened up against rim to eliminate neck movement and ensure sound transfer.

All the brackets that hold the tension on the head
are properly tightened, to get the best vibration from your new banjo.

The correct head tension will not be the same on all banjos.
We have setup a lot of banjos and know the proper tension for each
model we sell.
(this step is very important to get the best possible sound from each banjo)
Coordinator rods, truss rods, usually need adjustment.

The Banjo is then brought in to tune and checked up & down the neck
for buzzing and proper tone.
(this might require more neck, fret, bridge and nut adjustment)

With the proper setup your banjo will give you many years of enjoyment