Artist Guitars Artiste Banjo Ukulele For Sale

Artist Guitars, Banjo Ukulele for sale Kiwi / NZ. tune GCEA, steel string compatible, includes truss rod for neck stability !, tune low G CEA (The Possum Back Artiste Banjo Ukulele with 8" pot.(Banjo Uke or Banjolele), concert scale tune GCEA for Aquilla Nylgut Strings,  heavy duty padded gig bag included (not optional as on most banjo ukes !) , plate style resonator traditionally known as a "possum back", excellent for crook of the arm playing style.      Banjo Ukes Introduction 

This product updated to Tenor Banjo Ukulele click here. Tenor Banjo Uke

DO NOT CONFUSE WITH 6" POT SOPRANO BANJOLELES , with a shorter neck hence more difficult to fret.


Includes a Pro truss rod for additional neck stability a rarity among ukes and banjo ukes.
Pro SEALED Geared tuners, not friction.


Mahogany neck & rim. Mahogany resonator / plate back, (possum back), not open back as some models.

No black paint finish as on some models !

ROSEWOOD fingerboard, some banjoleles do not have a rosewood fingerboard, the frets are inserted directly into the neck !

Aquilla Nylgut Strings
8 Inch Pot
ROSEWOOD fingerboard.
Truss rod for additiona neck stability
Coordinator rod for adjusting string height
High gloss finish
Gig bag
Brackets: 12
Rim: Mahogany
Resonator: Plate Back Mahogany
Neck Mahogany
Hardware: Chrome
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Head: REMO Weatherking Banjo head
Inlay: Mother Of Pearl